Born - October 18, 1984

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Tod Fennell, a Montreal native, has been acting since the age of four. He got to know the stage and television through his parents, who were both dancers & choreographers in Montreal. After appearing on a few episodes of a local Montreal variety show, "Demons de Midi" Tod decided he would like to hone his talent with drama classes. He promptly began studying at the acclaimed Montreal Children's Theatre Workshop, where he was the youngest in his class.

After three years, Tod began performing in trade & industrial videos. Not long after that, he landed his first starring role in a commercial opposite Maizy the chimp in the Ficello cheese strings ad. It's still running nationwide in Canada after seven years.

He sharpened his talents with a series of commercials, until independent film-maker Arto Paragamian spotted Tod for the role of the mischievous Zach, in "Because Why", his touching & funny reflection on friendship & commitment. Not much later, Tod began his first supporting role alongside
Myriam D'Abo & Jay Underwood in the thriller "Stalked", followed quickly by "Brainscan" in which he portrayed a young Eddie Furlong. He also played alongside Roy Dupuis and Beau Bridges as one of the Dionne siblings in CBS’s "Million Dollar Babies".

In 1994, Devine Entertainment decided to take Tod to Slovakia to star in "Handel's Last Chance". A period piece from the award winning Composer's Series. It's the story of a young Dublin boy who softens the heart of an embittered George Frederic Handel.

When the internationally acclaimed Cinar Productions and Golden Books decided to bring back "Lassie" to the small screen, Tod was cast as the wisecracking Geoff. For 40 episodes, over two years, Geoff was best friend to the eternally twelve year old Timmy. Trust Geoff to cut through to the
heart of the matter with his own brand of straight-ahead philosophy. His portrayal of Geoff brought true charm to the character, and allowed Tod to gain the experience of series television.

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During shooting hiatus from "Lassie", Tod put on the gloves for a round as a supporting role in the movie "The Kid", a boxing film featuring Rod Steiger.   He also put his experience working with Lassie to good use in his own animal story, "Kayla". Directed by Nicholas Kendall, "Kayla" is a touching look at life in Montreal's Eastern Townships during a 1920's winter. Tod's character, Sam, befriends a wild dog - Kayla - and trains him to be a champion lead sled dog. Along the way, he learns to accept the death of his father and the love of his friends & family. Besides the thrill of working with the huge malamute, Tod was able to do most of his own stunt work, including learning to drive a sled team.

Since "Lassie" was wrapped in July 1998, Tod has gone on to guest appearances on "My Hometown", "Goosebumps", "The Worst Witch" and, his dream since he saw his first episode; "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"

Throughout this body of work, Tod has maintained a close commitment to family, school and his friends, and is a frequent volunteer at his local church. Outside of his acting, he has attained a Black Belt in Karate, which helps keep him fit & self-disciplined, and he also loves to play piano. He
enjoys playing with his standard poodle, ODO, and his cat, OREO.  Snowboarding is his favorite wintertime sport, and rollerblading in the summers.

Films & TV series’
1. "Lassie" (1997) TV Series .... Geoff Mackenzie
2. Kayla (1997) .... Sam MacKenzie
3. Kid, The (1997) .... Russell McKenzie
4. Handel's Last Chance (1996) Jamie O’Flaherty
5. Brainscan (1994) .... Young Michael
6. "Million Dollar Babies" (1994) (mini) TV Series .... Ernest Dionne, 7
7. Stalked (1994) .... Mikey Daniels
8. Because Why (1993) .... Zachary

TV guest appearances
1. "Goosebumps" (1995) playing "Billy" in episode: "Deep Trouble: Part 1"
2. "Goosebumps" (1995) playing "Billy" in episode: "Deep Trouble: Part 2"
3. "Sirens" (1993) playing "Little Kid" in episode: "Obsession, The"
(episode # 2.18) 5/6/1995
4. "Worst Witch, The" (1998) playing "Spooky"(episode # 1.8)
5. "My Hometown" (1996) playing "Danny"
6. "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" (1992) playing "Mark" in episode: "Forever
Game, The" (episode # 1.167)

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