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Lassie Screensaver    Download file here

Lassie Sound Files

Lassie double bark   Download file here

Lassie cry     Download file here

Lassie bark     Download file here

Lassie whine     Download file here

Animated Lassie Cursors   Download file here

You have to install animated cursors / cursors in Windows before you can use them. Copy the files to your choice of folder. Choose "Start / Settings / Control Panel / Mouse" and click on the "Pointer" tab. Windows 95 e.g. uses 14 several pointer types where you can select animated cursors for:

Normal Select Help Select Working in Background
Busy Precision Select Text Select
Handwriting Unavailable Vertical Resize
Horizontal Resize Diagonal Resize 1 Diagonal Resize 2
Move Alternate Select

In Windows 98 there's an additional cursor for Link Select (windows and active desktop).

Select a pointer, for example "Normal Select" or "Busy". Double-click on it. Then choose a cursor from your choice of folder. A single click will give you a preview in the bottom left corner. The animation is a little bit slow, but in reality the animated cursors run alot faster. Finally press "Open" and click "OK" to exit and confirm the animated cursor as your cursor.

Tip: Cursor preview

There's a simple way to see a little cursor preview. In Windows Explorer right-click the cursor file and select "Properties" in the appearing shortcut menu.


Most animated cursors are stored as ZIP-files ( ZIP-files are compressed files and you have to extract them with an external program. If you compress ANI-files as ZIP-files the file-size reduces itself on about 90 percent ! For extracting you can use the programs PKUNZIP (Dos) or - much better - Netzip (Windows) - view ZIP file contents before downloading. Virus Scan included. The programs are Shareware.

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The Pedigree of Pal, the first Lassie

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Where's Lassie?

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